Thursday, June 16, 2011

My 2011 JKS Cri Show SG Fan Account :D

My Autographed Poster & Autograph Pass

I admit, I was having second thoughts writing this Fan Account. Not for anything else but because there are many FAs already and we will be talking about the same thing but I realized, the things they wrote about were from their own experiences and from their own take on things. And I have written FAs for every FS, FM and event I have attended. Who am I to break tradition? Hehehe… AND the one thing that sealed the deal was sears’ note on one FA she posted on her blog []. I can never say NO to you sis… *sigh* *hugs*

[I decided to write my FA differently this time. I’ll write solely the ones where we saw him and had an encounter w/ him. Omitting details not relevant and I’m sure will only bore you :P kkk… And the names I’ll be mentioning will be from their twitter accounts :P]

April 22 – FS & Dinner

At around 2:30 pm, after freshening up and practicing a bit the FMD w/ lily_white20, coolapple913 & viv_suk, we decided to go down to the hotel lobby to wait for his arrival. As usual, a sea of eels were there already :D And my SeOUL Sisters arrived! *Hugs* *Squeals* *Pic-taking* We waited for more or less an hour? Can’t really remember since we were all so excited to see him again! We know he’ll be arriving in a white limousine [c/o SG eels] White carriage for the Prince!!!

Then, the moment we’ve been waiting for finally arrived! He went in surrounded by his usual entourage. Smiling and waving :D I have to admit, I can never get used to seeing him in person and up close! It’s like I’m in a trance… *finger snaps* Back to reality, he was in a rush and “as he breezed past us, the air was filled with the sweet scent of his perfume. Good things do come in pairs… food for the eyes enhanced with the allure of his sweet smell” I borrowed that line from MamaKay :D I couldn’t help it. MamaKay nailed it! Hehehe…

It was close to 4 pm by then and we had to go to Marina Square for the FS and have lunch there. Yes! We haven’t had lunch yet… Poor us! Hungry eels :P nikinov, peeseagull & Korfang decided to get their wrist passes[?] first then have lunch while shiro401, lily_white20, viv_suk [she got her wrist pass[?] already] and I decided to have our lunch. We learned that xjl_linda got the 2 pm flight so she’ll be able to make it to the FS & FMD! YEY!!!

After lunch, we went to the place where the FS & Photo-taking will be held. The barricades were placed already. The Auto-Pass holders will be on the left side while the Photo-Pass holders will be on the right, just like in HK FS last year. The Flash Mob dancers have secured a spot near the stage on the left side. Sweet!

Nikinov, peeseagull and shiro401 decided to go in already for the Photo-Pass but since lily_white20 and I were included in the FMD and there’s a SeOUL Sisters’ gathering, I had to wait. SeOUL Sisters set a gathering w/ some eels in McDonald’s @ 4 pm. Sorry to those who waited for us L After a while, ladymoon called me and that’s when we went to McDonald’s. We met some very nice eels there :D Photo-taking!!! It was great meeting all of you *hugs*

After some time, I went around looking for lily_white20 for the FMD. As we waited outside the barricade, she noticed that nikinov, peeseagull and shiro401 got front spots, she decided to go in as well :P I saw my SeOUL Sisters were in the Auto-Pass area already, so I decided to join them too :P I was thinking of what to say to viv_suk by this time :P hihihi…

The place was filling up! And you can sense the excitement :D Our Prince is coming!!! While I was looking around, that’s when I saw xjl_linda among the FMD dancers, she came right on time :D and when she saw me, she crooked her finger and mouthed, “come here”. hahaha… I joined her and the rest of the FMD dancers then :D No need to think of what to say to viv_suk :P At first, we were placed on the second row but we decided to move to the back. Less chance to see our faces! lol

Then the MC went onstage to say something. Welcoming all the people there and stuff. I think he went onstage thrice? I‘m not sure. The only thing I remember is to say “Yeow” when he asks, “What do Singaporeans want to say to Suk?” and the different countries he mentioned :P

On our left side, people were forming and cameras were being held up, that’s when we knew, he’s coming!!! After a while, screams… then we saw him :D He went in the small room @ the back of the stage. The MC then went on to say, “Who do you want to see?”, or something like that. Of course, we screamed, “Jang Keun Suk”. We did that thrice, I think.

Then our Prince went on the stage w/ the sweetest smile on his face :D He was interviewed by the MC then we shouted “Yeow” wherein he was supposed to reply with “Mong Mong” :P Anyway, there are video clips of it all so… While the anniversary cake was being presented, we were preparing ourselves for the FMD :D No need to go into detail about it ‘coz the only thing I really remember was the biggest smile plastered on his face while he was watching us particularly for the “Lettuce” part :P It was all worth it! To see him smiling & laughing so happily :DDD

After the FMD, I rushed back to my place in the Auto-Pass area. Among the SeOUL Sisters, sukageunsuk was the first one in the queue so, she’s the one who gave our “Diary Book” to Suk :D When it was my turn, I gave him the post-it note where we wrote down what we wanted him to write on our poster :D And just like last year in the HK FS, all the things that I wanted to say to him flew away! LOL I just stared @ him… writing… Then he looked up @ me, smiling… I thanked him then he shook my hand and said, “Thank you too! And see you in the show :D” I got the poster from him… Then it’s over! I went down. The security cut the wrist pass[?]

During all of these, my migraine was in full force so I’m not really myself :P Or it’s just Suk’s effect on his eels? Frozen eel? Dazed eel? Eel in a trance? LOL Anyway, afterwards, I went on the second level w/ MamaKay to see Taz and to get a better view. [*I didn’t take a single photo of him*] I learned that it’s better to see him through your own eyes than to see him through camera lenses :P

Things that stood out for me during the FS & Photo-taking:

*He hugged the 1st and last eel for the autograph signing.

*He hugged & gave special treatment to eels w/ kids :P Take note: He hugged the kid not the eel :P lol

* There was one eel who wanted to have 2 signed photos of him. Heung-Ro was getting ready to take the other photo so that Suk will not sign it when Suk got it from him and signed both photos and gave it to the eel :D Isn’t he just the nicest? :DDD

*The FS was really fast in SG this time around compared to his FS in SG & HK last year. Is it because he has a cold and needed to rest?

After the FS, we went to Indochine to have dinner and see Suk, of course! :P We were on the second level where the VIP room is located too. We ordered our food, ate, and chatted. Then coolapple913 & I decided to go to the restroom. As we were about to go behind the curtains towards the restrooms, coolapple913 held on to me and whispered, “It’s Suk!” so I turned around and there facing towards us, was Suk! He was talking w/ someone. I can’t remember who ‘coz I was just looking @ him :P Can you blame me? Then we ran to the restroom and screamed there! hahaha… We did our thing then went out again. We took a peek inside the VIP room and it seems they have all finished their dinner so we went back to our table. After a while, they went out and as they passed by our table, we said to Suk, “Bye” then shiro401 said, “Bye, cri~!” That’s when he looked at her & smiled. I can’t remember if he said, “Bye, cri~!” too. You guys have to ask her :P

We went out then and waited beside the road while their vehicles were still there. After they left, we got into taxis and headed for the hotel to finally REST & SLEEP.

[It’s past 2 in the morning now so I’ll have to continue this later. FA for the FM & Clubbing to follow…]

April 23 – FM, Dinner & Clubbing

We arrived in UCC @ around 6 pm. There were a lot of eels there already. We headed straight for the merchandise area but I saw that the JKS Shirts were already sold out [Pinoy eels asked me to buy for them] so I went in search of my SeOUL Sisters. Found them taking pics :D Photo-taking time!!! Then we queued for the lucky draw :P

Chatted with so many eels! It was so much FUN. Long lines were already forming for the entrance to the FM so we decided to queue as well. The show was supposed to start @ 7:30 PM but it was already that time and there are still a lot of eels outside! Security was really strict this time around :P They thoroughly checked the bags. Looking for cameras… And I had to leave a plastic bag outside ‘coz it had food & drinks, makkoli, to be exact. Gifts from ellin & nami :D Luckily, I got it when the show ended.

I will not include anymore a FA of the FM here. Aphrael77 wrote a detailed one. Pls. just check her blog: :D But I just have to say this, It was AWESOME! I LOVE LOUNGE H :D

Ok. Before the FM started, we were instructed to just exit as quickly as possible and run towards the vans. We tried to do that but when we were running, we were distracted by some eels who were waiting @ the back of the FM venue. We went there and tried to see what was going on when we were called and told to hurry! Pali! Pali! Sorry :P hihihi…

So, we ran to the vans. There were 2 vans with our group. But I know there were more vans who were gonna chase him and some other eels who will use taxis. JKSHolic, shiro401, xjl_linda, nikinov, nitty, korfang & I were together in one van. We went to Jumbo Restaurant @ Clarke Quay. We noticed VIP rooms w/ CRE reservations :DDD We were waiting for our food when Suk and his entourage arrived. He was smiling and he looked like he was enjoying himself. We ate & chatted but we were always glancing towards the VIP room where he was in. After a while, he got out again. I don’t know what he did but he came back. Then, at one point, we heard shouts coming from their room then camera flashes. Looked like they were really having FUN! Glad to know that :DDD

After we finished dinner, we headed out then waited in the van. More eels were waiting outside so we then decided to go down from the van and wait with them. We positioned ourselves on the right side of his car where we can easily run towards the van when it’s time and see him clearly too when he goes out of the restaurant.

When he was coming out, the eels chanted, “PA PAPA PAPA” a couple of times :D He smiled @ that. Then when he got in the car, we went into the van. Clarke Quay it is then. We walked around… Then we got word he’s in Beer Market so we rushed there. I texted my SeOUL Sisters that he’s there. I had to use xjl_linda’s phone ‘coz mine was battery empty already :P Thank you for that, lin *hugs* Some eels were already there :D We got a table directly opposite theirs on the elevated part and for members’ only. We can see him clearly. Don’t ask me how we got it :P hihihi… lily_white20 is the one to ask :D

We saw him really enjoying himself and making those around him drink more :P hahaha… We ordered drinks too and I was getting tipsy. I kept on looking @ my watch ‘coz my flight was @ 6:00 AM and I had to be @ the airport by 4:00 AM :P and it was already 1:00 AND I haven’t packed yet… I was thinking of cancelling my flight if they don’t go home soon. YES! Cancel my flight… What was I thinking? Anyway, at one point, he went out of the partitions and danced a little :D We all screamed then! AND danced… He went back in and we continued to dance… hihihi…

Then at around 2:30[?], they left so we left too ‘coz I had to pack! :P When we got to the hotel, we waited for a bit more @ the lobby hoping to see him come in but we saw Jason so we know, he’s already in his room :P

As soon as we got in the room, I got all my things and packed. I arrived @ the airport @ 4:30 AM. Just in time!