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JKS in SG - My Fan Account w/ vid & pics [updated]

It’s April 27 @ 1:42 am now. I can’t sleep. I’m still updating myself on Sukkie pics, vids & news from all sites. I’ve been back home for just a few hours. Almost 5 days have passed since the start of my “SSSS Escapade” Sukkie & Seoul Sisters in Singapore Escapade. Very apt, don’t you think so? keke… It was one of the most fun & craziest times I’ve had in a long while. But my heart is heavy right now and I don’t know why. Missing Sukkie & the SS? A big possibility…

Okay, enough with that, this is a fan account for the SS and not a journal entry, right? *winks*

April 22 – Arrived in SG @ 5 pm but was able to go to Burger King @ T2 around 5:45 pm, where I was supposed to meet-up with Star, Ester & Rachel so we can check-in together, little did I know that Star haven’t read my email yet so they went ahead [I learned of this later]. After waiting for 1 hour, I decided to go and check in @ the hostel. I had to go back to the airport for Mei [Suka] & Mein and of course, to see if we can catch a glimpse of Sukkie when he arrives in SG  so I sent an sms to Taz asking if we’re going ahead with the plan and also if she can ask serene. It’s a GO! Yey! Met-up with Taz @ Eunos MRT Station. Serene caught up with us when we were about to go up to BK. First time meeting Serene in person. At last! keke…

The Arrival

Not long after that, I received an sms from Mei that a lot of eels are already waiting for Sukkie so what else to do? But run!!! hahaha… Received multiple sms from Mei to go to E24 but we can’t go in there. Lucky for her, shiro, tofu, and linda because since their flight was delayed, they can wait inside. They were waiting there with Maymay of Keunsukholic and other int’l eels. Was it fate? keke… Anyway, outside, taz, serene & I tried to find a good spot but it was mostly serene who ran around. Thank you sis  Since there were so many eels already, we had to make do. While waiting for Sukkie’s arrival, we took pics of the eels there & of course, us three. We waited for about an hour? [I’m not too sure how long we waited] Then, we knew Sukkie arrived already because of the what? Of the shrieks of the fans, of course!!! It was rising in crescendo the nearer he got until it turned into screams. I promised myself I wouldn’t scream because we all know Sukkie ain’t too happy about screaming eels, right? But as soon as I saw Keun Sama, that promise was forgotten! Even before I set eyes on Sukkie, I was screaming! We have, after all, managed to get good spots because he looked at us as we were waving at him and he smiled that ‘SMILE’ and waved back at us! OMG! As soon as he passed by us, we ran outside to see him get in a Silver Benz. We stood behind the car hoping he will look back but there were a bunch of eels who were not exactly pounding but tapping hard on his window and the driver was having a hard time getting out of there. A security had to restrain the eels. There were about 10 or more eels near his window. That was some welcome… So, that’s Sukkie’s arrival. I heard from others that before he went out, he stood near the glass windows and waved to the eels.

Here are some photos I took. Sorry! The blurred ones are photos I took of Sukkie :(

The 'fanfare' died down and we went back inside to wait for Mei @ BK. I was so excited for the meeting of some of the Seoul sisters in person. Waaahhh… Mei finally arrived! It was so good to finally see her in person  Hugs all around! Then it’s the live cbox with the four of us. Haha… Then, she gave us our shirts, showed our banner-cum-poster then discussion about the scrapbook. Mein will be arriving @ 12mn but Taz & Serene had to go home or else their parents will have their heads. Keke.. So, said goodbye to both of them with promises to see each other the following day, the Fan Signing Event @ IMM. Mei & I were like in the cbox, talked & laughed a lot while doing the finishing touches to the scrapbook.

More to come... Pls. wait for it :) Cri!

April 23 - Mein arrived @ 1 am. We stayed there ‘til 5:30 am. Believe it! Hahaha… Talked, laughed & worked like old friends!!! We had a great time  Went to the hostel @ 6 am to catch some sleep. Star, Ester, & Rachel were already there sleeping so no time for introductions. Sleep first! We woke up at 9:30. Had about 1 ½ hrs. of sleep. When introductions were over, we rushed to go to IMM but we had to wait for Dian so Star, Ester & Rachel went ahead.

As soon as Dian arrived, off we went to IMM. But we forgot to bring the banner-cum-poster so Mein & Dian had to go back to the hostel to get it while Mei & I looked @ the Garden Plaza where the Fan Signing was to be held. It was just noon but some eels were already there q-ing, sitting on the ground and I must say, I salute them! It was so hot & humid there, I don’t think I could’ve done what they did. Mei & I rushed back inside the mall because it was so hot outside and we decided to look around for supplies. We weren’t able to make a decision so we just decided to eat lunch first. Then went back to supplies hunting, Mein & Dian arrived after awhile. Got their opinion and finally bought the one thing we were missing. While they were eating their lunch, we got to work on the banner-cum-poster @ BK, again! Haha… Tada! Mama Kay finally arrived. Wheee! Chatting non-stop, of course! It felt like old friends and not online friends who were meeting-up for the first time. Then, serene called and told us that FM Goodies are being sold.

We rushed to the Garden Plaza and decided we’d better divide so that we can buy goodies and q also. Then, a surprise! Sears sent me an sms that she will be going to the Fan Signing event after all! Wheee! While we were waiting for her, we decided to change into our SS shirts. We took pics but I don’t know if they’re okay. keke… After a few mins., Sears finally arrived! *bows* to the boss... keke.. *Big hugs* for the Big boss :D She then changed into her SS shirt. Picture taking! Then we brought out our banners. It attracted a lot of attention, I must say. Of course, we were pleased with it.*winks* A girl holding a professional camera with an ID with Sukkie’s pic on it, either she’s from Tree J or Datzentertainment. Probably from Datz… She doesn’t look Korean. She asked us if she could take our picture with the banners. Of course, we said YES! Hahaha…

We waited… and waited… and waited then it rained!!! It was pouring so hard that we started to get wet. We thought that Sukkie will wait until the rain stops but after a while, he arrived amidst the screams of the eels, of course… How can someone be so handsome? Gaaahhh… Haiz! Anyway, 2 emcees were interviewing him. They were both talking in English @ first but the other emcee started to talk in Mandarin while the other translated it, I think. Sukkie was answering in English! Waaahhh… But after a while, I couldn’t understand what they were talking about because it was raining so hard, we were getting wet AND the venue was flooding! YES! Flooding!!! Thank God the scrapbook was wrapped in 2 plastic bags or else, I’d be dead by now. Killed by the SS… LOL! Then one by one, 5 eels were called onto the stage to take pics with Sukkie! How lucky were they? Then because maybe they felt the other eels were envious, they let Sukkie take a pic with all of the eels there. keke… Those particular pictures are posted everywhere, I think. One group pic!

Here's a photo Mama Kay took during the Fan Signing event:

After that, the Fan Signing started. Since the rain hasn’t stopped and the area is flooded, we decided to go to the back and wait for the Fan Signing to end AND for the “Chasing Sukkie” to start. LOL!

“Chasing Sukkie” [1st night]

As soon as the signal was given, we ran to the parking lot. All the while, asking where is Mama Kay? We were nervous that she will be left behind. We got to the van and waited for her. I can’t contact Mama Kay so I sent an sms to sears asking her to tell mama where we were. At last, they replied and said she’s on her way. Serene volunteered to get mama from the entrance. We breathed a sigh of relief! That was close! Haay… Now, we’re just waiting for Sukkie’s car to leave. There were 9 of us in the van. Linda, Mei, Mein, Serene, Mama, Dian, Maymay, Maymay’s friend [so sorry, I can’t remember her name] and moi. After a while, we started moving. The chase was on!

Since Sukkie’s car was not tinted, [Yeah! I know. What were they thinking?] You can clearly see inside. That’s good news for us  The vans were trying to get the closest to Sukkie, of course. Serene was able to see Sukkie inside the car when it happened to pass by on her side. I didn’t get to see him that time. After a while, we saw Sukkie’s car in front of Manna Korean Resto. He’s already inside. We took pics of the resto & the car. Then we decided to eat dinner as well.

A photo I took outside Manna Korean resto:

Mama Kay took this photo when Sukkie came out of the resto:

After dinner, we waited for him outside the resto with other eels  Mein was infront of the resto’s entrance and close to Sukkie’s car while Mama Kay, Serene, Mei & I were on the other side of the road facing the resto. It was a small street so it was still very close. He got out of the resto after an hour, I think. Mein, You weren’t able to take a good pic of Sukkie, right? He was right in front of you! keke.. Anyway, you’re forgiven ‘coz not one of us got a good pic when Sukkie was in front of us. So close! Argh… All blurred pics  Sorry, SS! Anyway, after he got in the car, we were rushing to our own vans and continuing with the chase.

This time, as we got close to his car, all of my other fellow eels except for Mei & me got their cams out. But as they were about to take pics, Keun Sama told us, no photos so, being good eels, they heeded the warning. Sukkie was sleeping! OMO! Such an adorable face  After a while, Keun Sama covered Sukkie with his jacket so we can’t see him. Our van’s driver decided to go to Ritz Carlton where Sukkie was staying and let us have good spots when he arrives. Good decision! We were standing near the hotel’s entrance when Sukkie’s car arrived. It took some time for him to go out. Mein, you were able to take a pic of him while inside the car, right? Where is it? *winks* At last, he got out! But there’s always that video man who’s always recording everything. I think Serene & Dian were recorded. I hope not me too! Hahaha… Sukkie proceeded to walk towards the entrance, haay… Speechless! So good looking! The eels all followed him inside but were stopped @ the elevator. keke… Then we just went outside to take pics with our banners. We all decided to go home.

Here's a vid and a photo that Mama Kay took when Sukkie arrived @ Ritz Carlton:

We all were dropped off @ the City Hall MRT Station. Went to our hostel, exhausted and dizzy because of lack of sleep but after taking our showers, refreshed, we were all talking non-stop and laughing! Star, Ester & Rachel were in a different van so they also shared their own encounters with Sukkie. After 2 hours, we felt the pull of the bed and decided to sleep. I wasn’t feeling that sleepy yet so I still worked on the scrapbook for awhile but went to sleep after 30 mins. LOL!

April 24 – Btw, I just remembered, when we were running inside the mall towards the parking lot after the fan sign, we saw Sukkie’s parents inside the mall, sitting. Mei stopped a few feet away from them and not being obvious, let them look @ our banner! Hahaha… Nice move, mei *winks*

We arrived @ Suntec around 10:30 am but we had to buy some stuff for the Sukkie gift box and also a gift for Keun Sama as well. We were rushing ‘coz we know how early eels were planning to queue. We ran to the Rock Auditorium and saw the queue has already snaked to the stairs until 2nd floor emergency exit, I think. We found a spot, a ‘lil corner on the 2nd floor emergency exit. At 11:30, I received an sms from sears asking where we were. We were only a few mins. ahead of her. Even in that hot and humid place, we were still having so much fun and taking pics left and right. LOL! We can really survive anywhere! A lot of eels keep on coming and two security men keep on checking the queue, after awhile, they decided to let the eels after us to queue outside the door and into the mall. BUT @ around 1 pm, the queue became chaotic and everyone was running towards the entrance to the Rock Auditorium. Ayyayyay! We don’t know what happened :( Anyway, we were able to queue not that far from the entrance so it’s still okay.

The FM goodies were being sold inside so a lot of eels keep on going in. We were all standing. After about an hour, the eels all decided to seat so we asked those behind us to move backwards because it’s gonna be a long wait. There were a lot of complaints and side comments but we had to seat, of course! It was only 2 pm. We can’t all stand that long. After we have all settled down, Mei & I decided to finish the scrapbook. Since we took pics of the FS yesterday, we all decided to put our pics in there as well so Sears and Mama went to have those pics developed and we also asked Serene who was still not there to have some pics developed as well. Suddenly, there were shrieks and shouts, we ran to see what it was all about. We saw Keun Sama near the entrance and so near! Mei! Waaahhh… SS, Mei and I are crushing on Keun Sama! hahaha… The eels in front said Sukkie took a peep from the curtains and smiled! We missed that. Oh well… We got back to our places. Serene arrived after awhile Sears & Mama came back as well. The pics will be developed in an hour so they’ll just get it later. So, we had to wait. The table for the FM goodies was taken outside. After an hour, we got the pics and started to work on the scrapbook. The Seoul Sisters were attracting a lot of attention. The video man who’s always accompanying Sukkie everywhere, he took a video of us, with the banners and scrapbook. He also asked us to flip the pages of the scrapbook and he recorded it up close. Waaahhh… I don’t want to know what he’s going to do with it or WHO he’s going to show it to!

A staff from Tree J who was selling FM goodies started singing in front of us. The eels cheered him on and applauded. Was it a prelude? hahaha… After awhile, the eels in front of us started to stand and run, so we followed suit. It was chaos! The time when we’re gonna see Sukkie perform is nearing! We were all pushed and squeezed! We were given star-shaped colored papers and asked to write our hp nos. Sukkie’s dad came out and started taking a video of the eels q-ing. He’s such a jolly person! Now, I know where Sukkie got his personality from. keke… Then we were given post-its to write our questions for Sukkie and stick it on a large cardboard. We saw some Korean eels put on pig-rabbit costumes. So cute!

Then the VIP ticket holders started to enter the auditorium. After awhile, it’s our turn, OMG! Every ‘lil step we took, we were pushed from behind! My back ached… All for Sukkie! Almost all of the security men were @ their limit. As one eel in front of us started to complain, the security man [I think, he’s the head], shouted @ her and said to her, “Just shut up”, among other things. It’s not fitting to write here. *winks* There were a lot of pushing until the end. Haiz… We were given a small card. It’s an electromagnetic wave shield with JKS’ imprint! I’m not going to use it. LOL!

At last, we’re inside! We got fairly good seats :) Since there are a lot of fan accounts of the actual FM, I’ll skip that part ‘coz it’s going to a longer fan account that it already is. keke...

I’ll just say this, we chose to love the right STAR

There are already a lot of FM pics so I'll not be posting anymore...

“Chasing Sukkie” [2nd night]

This night made it all worth it!!! :)

After the encore, we ran towards the van. People in Suntec were looking @ us like we were crazy. I wanted to tell them, YES! We’re crazy eels… LOL! We were in a different van. We waited for about 30 mins. then we were moving. I noticed there weren’t any other eels’ vans around us and I kept thinking, were we on the right direction? After 15 mins., we turned left, we were about to back out of the street when we saw a van which we thought was another eels’ van so we followed BUT lo and behold, the people who came out were security men and Sukkie’s coordi noona. Jackpot!

A black TINTED sedan followed and we rushed to it. It parked near the back entrance of Long Beach Resto. OMG! Keun Sama came out and of course, Sukkie! We were the only eels there. 8, to be exact. We called Keun Sama! He smiled and nodded then we said Hi to Sukkie. He was so close. He turned to us and nodded then said “Hi”, then he smiled the “SMILE”! OMG! Then as he was entering the resto, Mei called out, “Enjoy your food, Keun Suk”, he waved again. :)

We went inside the resto just to use the restroom, nothing more, guys *winks* We want Sukkie to enjoy his dinner in peace. The other vans arrived. We waited there for 3 hours, I think. We ate dinner as well. We got to congratulate Kit, the fan whose hp no. was the luckiest! keke… Mein and Serene talked to Sukkie’s driver. Serene found a treasure which you have to ask her about ‘coz I don’t think I can write it here. keke… A source said that Sukkie and company were already drinking beer inside Long Beach Resto. No confirmation but his coordi noona went out to get something from the van and came back in. His parents left first. Then after awhile, Sukkie came out with a mask on. We said Bye and he nodded and smiled  then got in the car. We rushed to our vans. Most of the eels who were there plan to go clubbing. Mei, Serene, Dian, Maymay, Maymay’s friend, and I decided to go home after following Sukkie to St. James.

A lot happened @ the club while Mei & I were @ the hostel. We learned of this through calls from Mein who were with the other eels @ the club but since I didn’t experience it first hand, I can’t write it here. Sorry :(

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cri J Goodies :)

Can I edit my last blog "My Happiest Pill"? because it no longer applies to me now & will definitely not apply to me 6 days from now... It's a long story!
Anyway, we, my fellow seoul sisters & I, became official Cri J members [i.e. paying members] second week of Feb., I think. And among the benefits of being official members is we get to receive goodies from Cri J. ID card & cellphone accessory, I know, it's not much but we were so excited to get it.
March passed...
By april, we were not expecting anything anymore but lo and behold, Tree J posted a notice that the goodies for those who were not able to attend the Seoul FM will be shipped so kindly confirm your addresses. Of course, we confirmed ours but we were not really sure if we're included.
Last saturday, April 10, one of my seoul sisters who's from SG received hers! So, we were hyped up about it, thinking, we'll be receiving ours anyday now... I wasn't disappointed! I got my goodies April 15, now, that was 'My 2nd Happiest Pill' :) Second 'coz my first will be 6 days from now!!! waaahhh... Can't wait for it! So excited... Of course, I'll post about it :)