Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011

Here are my best bets for the Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011..well, only six of them for now.

1. RizalPark.org - What better time to than 150th year of our national hero. Love this blog because it strengthens my love for our country.

2. BLOG-PH.com – A blog that share everything around the globe of blogging.

3. Echusera.com – She shares the encounters with the stars.. All about everything that captures her heart.

4. Shopsowee.blogspot.com – This is Sire’s newest baby..as fresh as the author's beauty and fashion.

5. Annsaturno.com – This is Ann’s new blog shares the other side of her.

6. Shygirlsown.info – Her blog is fascinating.. Shy girl comes into her own and only her hehhe..

7. Blogger Manila- Hisr blog gives me a new dimension about all the things about Manila

8. kskeds.blogspot.com- My own blog that shares Korean celebrities schedules around the globe.

9. My Green Living Ideas - A bicolana blogger who cares about the environment and help readers be aware about things about it.

10. thejournalisticview.com - the author shares latest news and happenings around the globe.