Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cri J Goodies :)

Can I edit my last blog "My Happiest Pill"? because it no longer applies to me now & will definitely not apply to me 6 days from now... It's a long story!
Anyway, we, my fellow seoul sisters & I, became official Cri J members [i.e. paying members] second week of Feb., I think. And among the benefits of being official members is we get to receive goodies from Cri J. ID card & cellphone accessory, I know, it's not much but we were so excited to get it.
March passed...
By april, we were not expecting anything anymore but lo and behold, Tree J posted a notice that the goodies for those who were not able to attend the Seoul FM will be shipped so kindly confirm your addresses. Of course, we confirmed ours but we were not really sure if we're included.
Last saturday, April 10, one of my seoul sisters who's from SG received hers! So, we were hyped up about it, thinking, we'll be receiving ours anyday now... I wasn't disappointed! I got my goodies April 15, now, that was 'My 2nd Happiest Pill' :) Second 'coz my first will be 6 days from now!!! waaahhh... Can't wait for it! So excited... Of course, I'll post about it :)

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  1. What was the 2nd goodies?? i didnt received any of that :( only the membership cards and the cellphone accesoris