Sunday, January 3, 2010

Asian Dramas

I have always been watching movies and dramas (or series as i've always called them) since I was a kid. Hollywood movies and series have always filled my time. I was so into murder mysteries and true crime stories but these days, or should I say, months, I have been addicted to asian dramas. Korean, Taiwanese and Japanese ones, to be exact.

The one who influenced me is my best friend. She told me to watch one particular Korean movie and by the end of it, I was hooked. I find asian dramas more interesting. They let their audience become part of the drama that's why when a particular drama I've been watching comes to an end, I'd feel sad because it feels like an important part of my everyday life comes to an end too. They just know how to tickle my funny bone or to let my tears flow. And because of this addiction to asian dramas, I have not watched one Hollywood movie or series for the past 7 months with one exception, of course, The Twilight Saga: New Moon.

When I first started getting interested in asian dramas, I watched online but i wanted to have a dvd collection of my favorite ones so that I can watch them again and again so i started buying dvds w/ english subtitles. Now, i prefer watching these dramas on dvds, even the ones I haven't watched yet.

And since I have watched a considerable amount of asian dramas already and I still remember my predicament when I was searching for other dramas to watch, I found it hard to choose one because there were not a lot of reviews or recommendations to be found about asian dramas (that i know of). So for my fellow asian-drama addicts, particularly the ones who have just found out about their addiction, I wanted to share my views on some asian dramas I have watched and loved.

I'll be posting my views on one asian drama per blog in the coming days...

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