Saturday, January 2, 2010

Why Happy Pill?

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Welcome Guys ^_^

I'll give just a short explanation on why I named it Happy Pill ^_^

Happiness is what we all aim for, right?

Well, it's true for me and I hope we all are on the same page here...

I intend to blog about anything and everything, specifically,

the things that made me happy for a particular day, week or even month/s ergo,

My Happy Pill ^_^


That's simple enough, right?!

Then, let's start... i hope you'll follow me and let's all Be Happy!!!
[ewww... did i really write that? oh well, we all can be cheesy sometimes]

1 comment:

  1. ins im so happy that u've started writing and I believe in u!! enjoy,i'm ur 1st follower or should i say "a fun".mwahahaha...