Sunday, January 3, 2010

You're Beautiful (KDrama)

You're Beautiful (KDrama)

Summary from Wikipedia:

Go Mi Nyu is a sister-in-training. When her identical twin brother Go Mi Nam was reported to be in the United States having surgery to fix his previous plastic surgery effort, she was approached by the Manager of the singing band A.N.JELL to pose as Mi Nam for the time being that he is away. Mi Nam had just recently been accepted by the President of A.N.JELL to join the group. Against her wish, Mi Nyu accepts after remembering why her brother wanted to be a singer in the first place (to find their mom). Now posing as Mi Nam, Mi Nyu enters the group A.N.JELL and meets the members: Hwang Tae Kyung, Kang Shin Woo, and Jeremy. Initially disliked by Tae Kyung, the group's leader and composer, Mi Nyu later falls in love with him and finds herself being entangled in a love triangle between him and Shin Woo, while Jeremy harbors a one-sided love for her. Additionally, Mi Nyu finds herself being rivaled against Yoo He Yi, an actress who also has feelings for Tae Kyung.

***Third in my Best Asian Dramas list!!! (Tied with Coffee Prince) My current obsession: Jang Geun Suk and You're Beautiful. Obsessed more with the former, of course. Shoot! I can't think of anything to write because I'm still experiencing withdrawal symptoms. IT IS EXCELLENT!!! You have to watch it, trust me.


- Excellent writing (as can be expected from the Hong sisters)
- Excellent acting by the cast especially by the two leads (Jang Geun Suk & Park Shin Hye)
- Good direction even though at times, a bit over the top
- I love the comedic factor (just right)
- I liked the transitions & continuity
- Good cinematography
- Nice OST


- Just a bit sceptical about the whole 'Mi Nyu is Mi Nam' thing since it is obvious Mi Nyu is a girl with the singing voice and all...
- The story line is a bit exhausted but still good @ the execution
- Since they are in a band, i expected more from the OST but they still delivered even though
somewhat lacking

Click HERE for the OST.

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